Morrama Imagines Sustainable Phone Ownership with 'Renew' Concept

Morrama Imagines Sustainable Phone Ownership with 'Renew' Concept

Morrama's 'Renew' concept seeks to modernize our viewpoint on mobile phone ownership in response to the current unsustainable cycle of consistently replacing/upgrading mobile phones.

Renew promotes the idea that a mobile phone could be constructed more sustainably and cost-effectively, both for businesses and customers, by separating the screen and battery from the main 'computer,' with each layer replaced or swapped out with ease. Switch out your cracked screen, upgrade your phone's computer when a new advanced version comes out, and look forward to a fresh color choice each time you renew your battery pack.

The computer and screen - which possess a shorter lifespan - would be produced from a biodegradable corn starch bio-plastic, while the battery would be constructor from a nanocarbon material, which has the potential for a much longer lifespan than lithium-ion.