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  1. Gentlebrand


    Gentlebrand helps brands transform packaging ideas into real solutions. The agency combines a passion for packaging and design expertise with marketing and brand management strategies.

    Category Package Design Studios

  2. Design IO

    Design IO

    Design IO is a creative studio specializing in the design and development of cutting-edge, immersive, interactive installations and new forms of storytelling. Design I/O develops installations and digital experiences for events, galleries, museums, exhibitions and public space and specializes in creating engaging, meaningful interaction with the public.

    Category Exhibition Design Studios

  3. Catapult Design

    Catapult Design

    Founded in 2008, Catapult Design is a nonprofit design consultancy that works with organizations around the globe to support the development of market-based solutions for sustainable well-being and resilience. Through its work, Catapult Design addresses the challenges facing humanity, such as food security, water and sanitation access, quality healthcare, mobility and climate change.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

  4. K-Studio


    K-Studio is a creative practice of 55 architects and interior designers based in central Athens. We create uniquely crafted architectural experiences that are informed by tradition, enriched by materiality, and inspired by contemporary life.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  5. Studio Makuko

    Studio Makuko

    Studio Makuko is a furniture design studio focused on minimalist furniture with a high demand for design and functionality. Studio Makuko has made it its mission to create practical pieces of furniture with high design standards.

    Category Furniture Design Studios

  6. CLB


    CLB is a bespoke multi-disciplinary architecture and design firm based in the Rocky Mountain West, specializing in the residential, commercial, public art, and branding industries. The firm produces designs that are thoughtful, innovative, refined in their details, and 'inspired by place.'

    Category Architecture Companies

  7. Brandpie


    Brandpie is an independent strategic brand consultancy, specializing in purpose-driven ideas that transform businesses, cultures and brands. Established in 2008, Brandpie works with organizations large and small, from multi-nationals to start-ups. Combining creativity and commercialism, Brandpie offers a unique perspective on client challenges and a reputation for building brands that drive performance.

    News Brandpie Creates New Brand Identity and Strategy for AmeriCorps

    Category Branding Design Consultancies

  8. Semper Interiors

    Semper Interiors

    Semper Interiors designs environmentally conscious, sustainable, bespoke, and timeless interiors. We create designs that look to the future and deliver a sensory experience that grows richer with time. Semper Interiors is based in New Farm, Brisbane are we service all over Northern New South Wales, the Gold Coast, the Brisbane region and the Sunshine Coast.

    Category Interior Design Studios

  9. Cobalt Design

    Cobalt Design

    Cobalt Design is an award-winning product design and engineering consultancy based in Melbourne. Cobalt has over 20 years of experience in developing innovative products across a range of industries including consumer, medical and scientific, technology, transport and sport & leisure.

    Category Industrial Design Companies

  10. Cranberry Design

    Cranberry Design

    Cranberry is a Melbourne based, full-service interior design studio that specializes in the design of residential interiors of family homes, holiday homes and ski lodges throughout Australia. Our interior projects are renowned for their warmth, creativity, and careful attention to detail. We work closely with our clients to establish a direction based on their needs, tastes, and lifestyle. We focus on a personalized and tailored approach that is client and site-specific, with an aim to create unique and beautiful interiors that reflect the personality of their owners. Our design philosophy is based on respect for the environment, a love of individuality, and ultimately developing well-designed spaces that promote liveability, functionality, and wellbeing.

    Category Interior Design Studios

  11. FullStop


    FullStop is a top-of-the-line creative digital agency. With a team of web experts, we are dedicated to providing high-end digital experiences with our exclusive ingenious solutions.

    Category Branding Designers

  12. TRE Architecture

    TRE Architecture

    Celebrating over 50 years of business excellence, TRE Architecture is an award-winning architecture practice located in Carlsbad, California serving San Diego County and surrounding Southern California areas. TRE Architecture works collaboratively with clients to create enduring, enriching, and remarkable architecture.

    Category Architectural Design Studios

  13. Team Creatif USA

    Team Creatif USA

    Team Creatif USA is a strategic branding agency located in Charlotte, NC, committed to creating and developing designs that validate choice, demand consideration, or entice re-evaluation. We offer a complete range of full-service capabilities, and at our core, we specialize in strategy, branding, and design. With a client roster ranging from small, local brands to global icons, we aim to bring curiosity, tenacity and collaboration to every partnership.

    Category Branding Design Studios

  14. Marmalade London

    Marmalade London

    Marmalade London was founded 15 years ago - with a clear mission to create, commercially focused, future-proofed - brands, identities and packaging. Immersing ourselves beneath the surface of a brand or brief, we quickly define the wants and needs of the client. Our skilled team of creatives and wider circle of trusted partners, cultivate concepts that stretch beyond the brief to deliver bespoke and effective brand solutions. To build, develop and differentiate a futureproofed strategy that allows space to adapt and evolve within an ever-changing consumer climate is key in everything we do.

    Category Package Design Studios

  15. Antimatter


    Antimatter is a design agency at the intersection of product design, connected experiences, and strategy. We are user-centered and business-focused, with a deep understanding of technology.

    Category Industrial Design Studios

  16. Kelly Wearstler

    Kelly Wearstler

    Kelly Wearstler, founder and principal of Kelly Wearstler, is an American designer creating multi-faceted, experiential residential, hospitality, commercial and retail environments as well as expansive collections of lifestyle product designs.

    Category Interior Designers

  17. Dom and Tom

    Dom & Tom

    Dom & Tom is a development agency that helps Fortune 500 companies and next-generation startups build the future of digital. We support our client's strategic initiatives first and foremost through open collaboration, forward-thinking user experience, engaging design, and cross-platform development for web, mobile, and emerging technologies. Dom & Tom has launched 500+ web projects and 120 native mobile applications with teams located in New York and Chicago.

    Category Web Design Studios

  18. Filippos Fragkogiannis

    Filippos Fragkogiannis

    Filippos Fragkogiannis is an Athens based graphic and communication designer whose focus lies on typography, print design and visual identity. His research and practice revolve around the semantics, symbolism and structure of visual language.

    Category Graphic Designers

  19. notallbad


    notallbad is a remote team of IT consultants, designers & researchers with the mission to offer high-quality design as a service and help companies of any size shape valuable, feasible, and delightful experiences for their customers.

    Category Digital Design Services

  20. Sugar23


    Founded in 2017 by Academy Award-winning manager-producer Michael Sugar, Sugar23 is an emerging management and creative platform. We specialize in creating original, premium content across all media, incubating and investing in brands and companies, and providing strategic advisory for branding, production, and other go-to-market needs for companies across industries and stages.

    Category Broadcast Design Services

  21. Design-Nation


    Design-Nation is the leading membership portfolio for contemporary designer-makers based in the UK who create craft, design and product. Our portfolio comprises a rich and diverse pool of highly skilled designer-makers whose collective works demonstrate authentic, exceptional craftsmanship and design ability.

    Category Design Communities