Design Events

  1. The Text Block as Building Block

    The Text Block as Building Block

    This workshop is for beginning typographers, or for any designer who needs a refresher on setting a proper text block.


  2. Design Pavilion 2020

    Design Pavilion 2020

    The fifth edition of New York's biggest public design interface will offer engaging installations, pop-up markets, immersive activations, and more across five plazas, as well as produce an enriching schedule of talks on the subjects of design, sustainability, and the future of our cities.

  3. Vitra Summit 2020

    Vitra Summit 2020

    Hosted by Vitra's CEO Nora Fehlbaum on October 22 and 23, the event will offer interactive digital exchanges with architects, curators, designers and more, who will share scientific findings and best practices related to the future of shared spaces.


  4. SDGC20


    The 2020 Service Design Global Conference will feature both practical and theoretical learning, Q&A sessions to ask your most probing questions, and 1:1 effective networking opportunities.


  5. WDC 2020 World Design Policy Conference

    WDC 2020 World Design Policy Conference

    The WDC 2020 World Design Policy Conference will explore design as a tool for resilience and study how design can and is being used at the core of the democratic process.


  6. Bakelite - The Georg Kargl Collection

    Bakelite: The Georg Kargl Collection

    As the first genuine plastic, Bakelite revolutionized the everyday culture from the 1920s to the 1950s. On view at the MAK from July 15 through October 26, 'Bakelite: The Georg Kargl Collection' exhibition is devoted to this extraordinary raw material.

  7. New Middles

    New Middles

    The 2020 Exhibit Columbus Symposium 'New Middles' will gather thinkers, designers, architects, artists, and landscape architects to discuss the question: 'What Is The Future of The Middle City?'




    CLOSEUP is a two-day trade event inspired by a TV show format, for product launches, trend direction, and virtual networking experiences.


  9. An Ode To NYC

    An Ode To NYC

    An Ode to NYC is a poster campaign featuring a bold collection of graphic expressions dedicated to New York City's enduring creative energy.


    New York, United States
  10. DesignThinkers 2020

    DesignThinkers 2020

    DesignThinkers is Canada's largest annual graphic design conference, connecting designers from around the world.


  11. Architecture and Design Film Festival 2020

    Architecture & Design Film Festival 2020

    The 2020 Architecture & Design Film Festival will bring 16 virtual film programs, special guests, and director Q+As to viewers across the U.S. and Canada.


  12. Modern in the Making

    Modern in the Making

    Modern in the Making is the most comprehensive showcase of the mid-century craft and design scene in British Columbia assembled to date, examining ceramics, fashion, furniture, jewelry and textiles that defined West Coast modern living.


  13. Milano Jewelry Week 2021

    Milano Jewelry Week 2021

    The second edition of Milano Jewelry Week, the Milanese week entirely dedicated to the jewelry world, will take place June 3-6, 2021.


    Milan, Italy